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About Pascal PITIOT

Pascal PITIOT graduated in ENSIC-Nancy Chemical Engineering school (F), with a focus on Analytics during Resarch MSc and internship by BASF AG in Ludwigshafen (D). Then, he held a PhD degree on Process Engineering, focused on Agitation&Mixing, driven by Pr. J. Villermaux and, after his death, by L. Falk and H. Vivier. He joined Rhodia group (Specialty Chemicals) as a R&D engineer in 2000 and was appointed in 2004 as Process R&D expert for the whole group, specialized in Reaction Engineering (all reactors types, except fluidized beds).

Pascal PITIOT Process engineer PhD Scientist Industry Chemical Engineering

The missions mainly dealt with lab projects for chemists support as plant facilities improvement and optimization around the world for all processes, innovation and differenciation proposals, going through some Engineering consultancies as well for providers offers validation. He initiated and co-led several PhD (fluorination with F2, oxidation in microsystems, etc…) and postdoc works (catalytic intensified reactors, inline analysis, etc…) or MsC projects with innovative topics (Process Intensification mainly). He was responsible for external collaborations and consortiums such as Fluid Mixing Processes and Europic for Rhodia-Solvay. In 2013, same position extended to whole worldwide Solvay processes as Solvay bought Rhodia, with the same philosophy of process support dissemination through many projects and scaleup/down to anyone in the group from lab to plant, for organic/inorganic processes and materials. Investigations on innovative lab tools CFD and 3D-printing for Additive Manufacturing.

He was Process interface for several chemists' teams during 18 years, as for US R&D center during 4 years. Recently, in 2018, he was invited to Shanghai (CN) by local R&D teams for support and training.

In addition to this industrial activity, on free time since 2004, he is involved in several trainings for industry and courses for MsC&PhD students in Lyon and Paris, related to his expertise topics. This allows him to have an interesting overview of several industries, challenge and improve his expertise topics, training as requested by customers « inter » (shared between several companies) or « intra » (directly at customers’ facilities). A specific course has been developed for CPE-Lyon, ENSC and Sorbonne University (Paris) in 2011 around Process Intensification. The concept aims to make young students early aware of those breakthrough developments and a new way of thinking the Plant of the Future and reconsidering our processes through a curious innovative realistic excited view.

End of 2018, he decided to leave Solvay group and founded his own company AmarilisPPT to provide Reaction, Mixing and Process Intensification support to everyone.