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Questions to test your interest

How to scale-up a stirred vessel for reaction or formulation from my 100 ml lab tank to a 100 l pilot or 15 m3 industrial vessel?

Should I switch from Agitation to InLine Mixing? How?

Batch or continuous way?
How to proceed and figure the switch?

How to optimize and implement my new chemical reaction?
Do I need detailed kinetic data and modeling?
Is it really required or how can I speed up my development as there is no more time for my project to industrial scale?

How to figure quickly what would be the risks (cost, reliability, etc…) of this formulation implementation?
Is mixing critical compared to my surfactants recipe?
How to improve and reach application properties?

How to improve this fermentor’s performances?
How to characterize mixing inside for FDA issues?

Investigations on an innovative mixer

Investigations on an innovative mixer

Process Intensification?
What are all those technologies? Useful or dream? Reliable?
What about the Plant of The Future?
What about Flow chemistry for my applications?

Microreactor visualization

And what about 3D-Printing: really innovative for Process Engineering?

What does Product Engineering mean?
How to access its opportunities to figure any potential for me?

Ready to open a New process Window to enhance your synthesis?
Yes, some reactions can be sped up from usual hours to a few seconds, not only at lab scale.

Let us try together?