A dvanced
M ixing and
A gitation for
R eaction and
I ntensification in
L ine with
I nnovative
S caleup&down


AmarilisPPT is a very innovative flexible expert company for Process Engineering topics, mainly focused n Reaction Engineering, Mixing&Agitation, Process Intensification and product Engineering.

We aim to help and support you for any concern or question around those topics, from lab to industrial scale. Here is our main added value, as we are used to scaling-up R&D innovations or scaling-down your industrial problems to better scaleup afterwards.

New for 2020: what about using new web technologies (homework, visio, etc...) to train, increase your knowledge or consider/solve together some of your technical concerns ? Join our webinars "à la carte"!

AmarilisPPT is now recognized as a top-class Research & Innovation organization by the French Authorities !